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THE recent COVID Pandemic has again highlighted the human’s congestion issue in the prisons across India that was repeatedly included in several discussions to improve the prisons’ state, Nationwide. Sadly, however, the state administrations never addressed the concern seriously of ever-rising prisoners’ count.

THE Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has un-geared the global population’s life in ways that no one could have ever comprehended. Several tough- to- tackle challenges emerging every day, rather every hour, are other add-ons to the grieving situation. …

Lone/ Single mothers possess super magical powers to raise their kids, especially in India’s context, and that is why I call them a Unicorn. The write up is my sincere effort to highlight the current grim state of Lone Mothers.

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Lone mothers primarily include single, divorced, separated, or widowed women, residing with their children, or embed within an extended family setup. Numerous reasons drive single mothers to build their living arrangements — including male migration, partner violence, abandonment, the quest for independence, among various others. In countries like India, social laws make it worst for women to re-marry or enter a new partner union. …


Moumita R C Ghosh

As a seasoned Social Researcher, Moumita is actively engaged in social development projects and writing on diverse topics related to social issues.

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